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Rising trend of early age tuitions for toddlers

  This morning, while I was getting ready for my mid-term exams at university, a woman with her young son, who appeared to be around three years old, came to my home. It turned out that she was there because her son was going to have an interview for admission to a nursery school. 

Apparently, they had received our address from a friend, as he provides maths tuition to students in grades 6-10. However, since I was running late for university and my father had to go to office,we left. As we were on our way to my university, my deti and I discussed how they used to teach me up until 10th grade, and how I had taken science tuition classes only in my 9th and 10th grade.

When I used to come back from school, my parents would check my class notes and assignments. Up until class 10, they would always come with me when the exam results were announced. They enrolled me in drawing and music classes, took me to various quiz and debating competitions, and encouraged me to take various scholarship tests.My parents always attended every parent-teacher meeting and were always there for me during school weeks and annual sports day prize distribution. Despite having their own work and important meetings at office,they never relied solely on tutors or teachers for my studies. I still remember when I was studying for my Bachelor's degree in Cotton and Economics, I used to consult my father about some of the topics since he had a background in economics.In fact, my father used to provide economics and maths tuition to other students at their school level as well. They did the same things for my younger brother as well. Despite being so busy, they never made excuses for lack of time. During our summer vacations, before leaving for their office, my brother and I used to receive homework for the day from them.And in the evening, when they returned from work, they used to check our homework. Today, I witnessed a mother who had come to my place for her child's nursery-level admission interview, where they would only learn A, B, C, D, and 1, 2, 3. I found out that the mother had come not because they were illiterate or unable to teach their child, but because they did not have time due to having to get their elder child ready for school early in the morning, and feeling too tired in the evenings. Isn't that too much? I mean, a little child of just three years old has to come for tuition at such a young age. I felt like it was torture for that child. When his parents could teach him with love and care in his own home where he could feel safe and nurtured, they made him come to another home. I don't know, maybe I'm wrong, but depending on tuition at such an early age is not acceptable to me, especially since the parents are not unable to teach but are making excuses due to a lack of time. This is just my personal opinion.

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